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To: Mark Knecht <markknecht@...>
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Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 - 11:31 pm

On Wed, 2004-12-15 at 13:59, Mark Knecht wrote:

This had not occured to me. Maybe even easier than 1394?

I would imagine that either 1394 or usb2 would be more flexible than a
pure pci approach (ie: it would be useful for laptops). Unless, of
course, you count pcmcia interfaces but they have their own set of
problems as demostrated by rme hardware having issues with some chipsets
in linux.

> - 1394a (400Mb/S)

Let me know what you find. I'm curious, maybe there are tools available
that are open source.

> > What I was thinking about was this:

The DA/AD and even the spdif/adat interfaces could be optional. Or
modular. If this is an external box then that is more of an option.

> > So, this approach would reduce the problem to hardware interconnection

I see, that makes it more complex.

> The 1394

That was why I was asking if it was possible at all. I was hoping the
chip would have an option for non-mmaped access. If that were the case
then you could trade complexity (ie: mmaped ram) for speed in the
external ucontroller so that it can deal with all the packets on the

> This is the basic idea behind

Hmmm, interesting. So this mode would be a possibility for a really dumb
and simple peripherial.

> The CPU overhead with Iso 1394 is basically very low which is why it

You mean hardware capabilities, right? Because a firmware based
controller would be also upgradable. And/or you could use faster chips
when they become available.

> Personally I like that idea even if it costs me

This is all (for now) theory :-)

> It's

Send me urls if you find any... Sounds like the right kind of hardware
to use for this.

> Good project

-- Fernando

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