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Crushing taxes, excellent public services.
Can you imagine how big Monaco would be if all the really successful,
talented and accomplished people left Sweden in order to live in Monaco?
Let's check the numbers:
32,270 (July 2004 est.)
French 47%, Monegasque 16%, Italian 16%, other 21%(let's assume they all
come from Sweden)
So that's a 6000/8.000.000 ratio.


You just told me that:
1. Most of Canada's greatest doctors live in the US,
2. If you care about your health, forget about Canada.

> Some very few are altruistic but that's their choice.

If you want to be a great doctor, being altruistic is a part of your
job. A careless doctor is the worst thing that can happen to you if you
really need help.


No. This is not how insurance works. Treatment of deseases can be very
costly(depending on how serious a given desease is, duration and
complexity of treatment), a lot more than one could afford even if he'd
sum up all payments made during a 30 year period.

Cyclical/regular accumulation of financial resources based on such
payments in turn allows to finance costly treatments of deseases which
always appear in a irregular/fluky manner.

The difference is when such payment becomes legal duty. The motivation
behind this is that there'll always be able-bodied persons who will find
themselves in a difficult social situation not because of their own
fault or choice, and in that case such social system will protect them
so that they won't die on the street. Of course, on the other hand, you
have to share a bit of your luck in return for such social system.

This is all simplified but you get the idea.


I've been to many countries, including a few states in the US.

The question is, how many countries you have been to have had a regime
at least comparable to the regime present in former communist countries
during 1948-1989? For how long have you lived there?

> Which leads right back to the original

One thing is for sure. You've never been to former czechoslovakia(before
1989) and sweden. ;)
(I might be wrong of course but in such case your opinions would really
surprise me)


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