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Date: Monday, March 10, 2003 - 12:23 am

Hi all,

I would like to route audio streams coming from different (software) sources to the outputs of my different sound cards (1 card multichannel and 2 cards 2-channel). The outputs are connected to different rooms in my house.

For the moment, I'm using Alsa with different 'routing-profiles' in my .asoundrc settings, for instance one profile that will address all my different channels of my multichannel card (this would cover the living room, kitchen, bathroom and study, but not the bedroom). I can use this profile with aplay to play a soundfile in all these rooms.

However I would now like to switch to different rooms _while_ playing a soundfile with aplay. I am dreaming of some sort of interface that has different audio sources on one end (mp3, television, radio, ...) and outputs on the other side (kitchen, living room, bathroom, ...). Using this interface, one would be able to switch any source to any output. Preferable, also with different volume-settings per channel, per source.

I allready looked at Jack and aRtsd, but I can't seem to figure out if they are the holy grail.

Has anyone encountered such routing issues ? Is there any program out there that already does more or less what I described ? Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated !



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