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Date: Thursday, March 13, 2003 - 10:03 am

> The hardware I'm running is an Athlon 850 with 256k RAM.

256MB, I hope :)

> The sound

If you're attempting to do vinyl to digital transfer, using this card could be
a false economy. Getting something like an M Audio Audiophile could be
cheaper than buying the same music again on CD. Even a cheap emu10k1 PCI card
like the SBLive would probably be well worth the upgrade.

You'll also need a good turntable and pre-amp to get the most out of the
vinyl. When weighing up the cost, bear in mind that the remastering people
producing official CD re-releases will probably be working from studio master
tapes, except for very rare or old material.

Personally, having looked at the time it would take to record all my shellac
and vinyl, and allowing for the possibility that some subtle properties of
analogue recording would be lost in the transfer, I decided to keep a couple
of turntables around.

I'd probably make an exception for some rare 78's, like a couple of 1940's BBC
transcription discs that I found in a junk shop. With hand-written labels,
they seem to be field recordings from the days before tape was available.
Their uniqueness and fragility makes a digital recording something I've been
meaning to get around to.



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