[linux-audio-user] CHANGES to pan.zipcon.net

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Date: Friday, February 21, 2003 - 2:10 am

Changes at http://pan.zipcon.net

1) header info now on all files
2) 7 recordings are added: 4 flute, 1 piano, 1 duo-piano and 1 bassoon
3) TO DO: record jacket info

Thanks for the many comments and criticisms. They are needed.

The quality of the added recordings varies. We think the 2-piano recording
is a demo recording for ogg; some of the others are of marginal quality.
However there are those who will want them.

Download at any time. However downloading from 1PM to 1AM PST may be subject
to interruption. Of late there have been more mp3 users than ogg.

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