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Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 - 2:37 am

On Tuesday 18 February 2003 01:24, Levi Burton wrote:

It's all to do with ratios, everything in music is built on the basic ratio
of 3:2 (or v/v) - this is the most harmonic relationship you can get (apart
from 1:1, which doesn't really count as it produces no movement. As the maths
gets more complicated, so does the sound, with some notable exceptions like
the major 3rd. Pop songs are generally based on fairly simple ratios, and
therefore are easier to digest. You can apply this to rhythm, melody, chord
sequences (cadences) and even minutiae like delay timings. The research that
went into the timing of Lexicon reverbs is well worth knowing about in this

To cut a (very{read:the entirity of recorded history}) long story short if
you multiply / divide 2/3 by 2/3 enough times you end up with the frequencies
of what is known as the diatonic scale of seven notes (actually that's a
complete lie, but it will do for this explanation). Out of this scale you can
make 2 sets of 3 chords, one 'major' set (happy) and one sad set (minor) plus
an odd chord which sounds horrible to most people. The chords in each set of
3 have the same 2:3 relationship to each other. Most Blues numbers are based
entirely on this relationship.

It's worth playing with the maths, and if you have the means, converting them
into Hertz, anything between 60Hz and 10kHz should make audible sense. This
isn't really any kind of explanation at all, I know, but it may be a starting
point. You can also analyse as much as you like and still never find out what
makes 'great' music either, that's what I like about music, it seems to be
the one place where science and magic truly meet. Ask Pythagoras.

burble, twitter &c. ...

tim hall

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