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Date: Thursday, January 23, 2003 - 3:43 pm

> Hi,

Please do not think you need to change ANYTHING about your samples to
sound like Bardstown. Every piano sounds different, so every library will
sound different, so every mp3 will sound different. I know of many game
developers and people writing scores for TV and movies that would seem to
disagree with your opinion, but we're all entitled. Right? ;-)

I disagree that the Bosey is 'filtered' or 'dull', but I do agree that it
is not as bright as your library. Don't get fooled though, and listen to
what others say. I think there is no right answer here, like there is no
right piano.

From what I can hear, you are making great progress, especially for a
soundfont in less than 200MB. (Or whatever it ends up being.) I'd suggest
you do your best work and make the library sound as much like the original
piano you sampled as possible.

In real life the Bosey doesn't sound like the German Steinway, which
doesn't like the American Steinway, which doesn't sound like the Young
Chang, which doesn't sound like the Yamaha, which doesn't sound at all like
the Baldwin that Bruce Hornsby plays. Why should your library of a sampled
Yamaha sound like Kips Bosey? I don't think so! Not at all!

If you want to hear a really dark piano, go to digital shootout and
listen to any of the Malmsjo's. They are very dark, and yet there are people
that love them. This is the way that piano sounds in real life. I think they
work for certain types of music.

I think your samples will work well also. Just keep up the good work and
listen to lots of libraries. If pointing you or others towards sites like
the Digital Piano Shootout helps, then great. If not, don't worry about it.


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