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Date: Thursday, January 23, 2003 - 12:24 pm


> I think this is quite a good start! The upper registers, above middle

I'll listen to the MP3s and will see if I can't add an additional piano
which sounds more like that Bardstown. Only if it's a dry recording though
since reverb and other tweaks can do a lot to change the sound of a piano.

> What piano did you sample by the way??

It was a Yamaha model..

> I certainly liked yours more than a couple that I've purchased and

Just check http://project-portability.foad.nl once in a few weeks to check
on the progress.. Any wishes of changes or variations to the piano are

> It was, BTW, a bit hard, as I suggested earlier, to compare yours

I don't see a real problem here. The main reason for it is that the Audigy
deals with 48 Khz samples better than with 44 Khz samples. Basically a 44
Khz version could be made in 10 minutes though. The real difference is in
the mixing of different hardware and softsynths IMHO. I've not played other
digitised 'professional' pianos (other than GP One which I don't consider to
be that good).. Point is that I don't want to be influenced by other peoples
result and thus trying to avoid mistakes that others might have made while
trying to gain realism.

> > Try to explain to me what the use is of 96 Khz samples ? It's just

Let's put it this way.. Do you think a CD sounds bad ? I think the average
person can't hear much about 18 Khz (could be 20 Khz though).. So unless you
are a sampler yourself you probably won't notice. I certainly won't go above
48 Khz since bigger is not always better.. Of course a lot depends on what
sampler was used to capture the sound. 44 Khz could be an option but I'll
have to have a look at the softsynths and hardware Grandest Piano will
eventuelly be aimed at.

Roel / Utopia Sound Division

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