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Date: Friday, November 8, 2002 - 9:20 am

Patrick Shirkey wrote:

This is all done with tuned disks, lowlat and root access.

Yesterday I was having this problem. I also tested the sound quality of
native alsa vs jack by using two alsaplayers one connected to alsa and
one connected to jack.

While doing that I found that the output quality was exactly the same so
I assumed that it was the alsadriver that was at fault. However After
letting the machine and device cooldown while I slept and testing with
native alsa today the sound quality is crystal clear. When I test
through jack the quality is degraded. I assume that it is the demands
that jack places on the system that is causing the quality to degrade.

I have just gone down from 9 -> 6 screens in my virtual desktop and that
seems to have gone a long way towards cleaning the sound. Any ideas on
how I can tune x to give me those screens back? I currently use a
geforce2 with nvidia drivers. I'm holding out on getting a new video
card until the price of the new ATI has dropped.

Does anyone know how the support for that card is going?

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Goldie, 8 Nov, 2002
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