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Date: Friday, November 15, 2002 - 6:18 pm

Hi Matthew,

(I think?) we're both using YDL. Just reading Michal's list of working
apps. Ecasound compiles on my YDL.
Sweep compiles and loads snd files but crashes when I try to 'play'. Ladspa
works fine. Someone from the sweep list said something like 'sound on Macs
are very difficult' (It's more likely YDL!)

Ardour,GDAM,Audacity won't compile -nada! Still,it's close but no cigar...
'snd' works like a dream. :-)
Ceres,Ceres3,Sono,bio and Mammut work perfectly once compiled with
'--with-gnome-libaudiofile'. Does anyone know where I can download the source
for Ceres2,the binaries won't work on my system?
Alas,NoTAM's Mix compiles but plays all snd files at half speed.
I still have to use the Mac's Logic Audio for multitrack :-(
Oh,and Rosegarden is OK!

On Friday 15 November 2002 06:18'ish, Michal Seta ecrit:

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