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Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 - 11:38 am

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Marcos Guglielmetti wrote:

> Thanks for reporting: I tested it today on a PC with SATA HDs and it

yes that was the first hurdle; I've been able to override that with
`root=/dev/hdaX`, then it boots but as said with generic-IDE, not SATA.

BTW. I can boot the kernel without initrd. since /kernel-libre/ includes
most of the drivers rather than loading modules.. it could also be a bug
with `update-initramfs`'s module load/probe code..

I'll try "ide0=ata_piix" next reboot; looking at Documentation/ide.txt
and /etc/modutil/* options it probably does not stop there ;) anyway,
it's kind of silly that generic_ide is detected/used before ata.


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