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Date: Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 9:02 pm

Hi all,

The video recordings of the LAC'14 presentations have just been uploaded
to the conference website and are now directly linked from the archive:

There are still a three videos missing and the workshop videos are also
yet to come. Currently they are also only available as vp8/vorbis/webm
(sorry IE and Safari users). But since it has been quite a while
already, we decided to not hold back the release of these already
finished videos any further.

Once the collection is complete, we will provide a .torrent. Meanwhile,
for those who prefer to download the videos incrementally, they are
accessible via rsync://linuxaudio.org/ [1].

Many thanks for Frank and Moritz to get those done in really outstanding
quality this year. Kudos to the complete stream-team.

robin - for the LAC'14 team

[1] example to get the 720p versions:
rsync -Pa --exclude "*360p.webm" \
rsync://linuxaudio.org/lac2014/ \
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