[LAD] MIDI SysEx "7 (Signed)"

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Date: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 2:46 pm


I'm writing a CLI editor for the Matrix-1000. Regarding to the owner's
manual some parameters have 6 bit values, so I gave them a range from 0
to 63, for the 7 bit value I definite a range from 0 to 127. Many values
are described as "7 (Signed)". I consider those values should get a
range from -64 to 0 to +63, IOW I understand it as a two's complement,
but the editor of my Atari ST's Cubase 3.1 doesn't give them a value
from -64 to 0 to +63, instead the GUI's value range is from 0 to 127. I
suspect that the Cubase editor is mistaken, resp. the editor was build
by a "kit" and I suspect there's a limitation, it doesn't know signed

My guess is, that it would be correct to assign a value range from -64
to 0 to +63. Is this correct? Or am I mistaken and the value range given
by Cubase is correct?


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