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To: Linux Audio Users <linux-audio-user@...>, Linux Audio Developers <linux-audio-dev@...>
Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 9:01 pm

Hello all,

zita-ajbridge-0.4.0 is now available at the usual place:

>From the README:

* The 'JackPortIsTerminal' and 'JackPortIsPhysical'
flags are set on the Jack ports.

* The correct latency value is set on the Jack ports.

This is the latency resulting from buffering and
resampling. It does not include any additional
latency due to processing by the sound card, e.g.
from anti-alias filters. This can be added using
the -I (for a2j) and -O (for j2a) options, in the
same way as for Jack's ALSA backend.

The README also explains how to test this.



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