Re: [LAD] Weird USB MIDI sysex problem

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Date: Saturday, August 31, 2013 - 9:29 pm

Gordon JC Pearce wrote:

All the messages in the CZ1000 protocol (header, acks, final F7)
together make up just a single MIDI message; the individual messages,
taken separately, are not valid MIDI messages.

>>> According to the USB MIDI spec there is an event packet to send just

CIN 0x5 is used only for system common messages, not for system real-
time messages.

>>> With a bit of testing, I've determined that at least the USB

The USB MIDI spec does not work on the raw byte level (except when
using CIN 0xf) but on the level of complete MIDI messages. (Running
status isn't used either.)

> This is an inherent flaw in the USB MIDI spec.

Apparently Roland, who wrote the spec, did not think that anybody would
do anything particularly weird.

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