Re: [LAD] How do I write meta data into a wave file? (Command line tools?)

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Date: Saturday, May 4, 2013 - 4:04 am

Nils Gey wrote:

> Hello list,

> sndfile-metadata-set --help

Usage :

sndfile-metadata-set [options]
sndfile-metadata-set [options]

Where an option is made up of a pair of a field to set (one of
the 'bext' or metadata fields below) and a string. Fields are
as follows :

--bext-description Set the 'bext' description.
--bext-originator Set the 'bext' originator.
--bext-orig-ref Set the 'bext' originator reference.
--bext-umid Set the 'bext' UMID.
--bext-orig-date Set the 'bext' origination date.
--bext-orig-time Set the 'bext' origination time.
--bext-coding-hist Set the 'bext' coding history.
--bext-time-raf Set the 'bext' Time ref.

--str-comment Set the metadata comment.
--str-title Set the metadata title.
--str-copyright Set the metadata copyright.
--str-artist Set the metadata artist.
--str-date Set the metadata date.
--str-album Set the metadata album.
--str-license Set the metadata license.

There are also the following arguments which do not take a
parameter :

--bext-auto-time-date Set the 'bext' time and date to current time/date.
--bext-auto-time Set the 'bext' time to current time.
--bext-auto-date Set the 'bext' date to current date.
--str-auto-date Set the metadata date to current date.

Most of the above operations can be done in-place on an existing
file. If any operation cannot be performed, the application will
exit with an appropriate error message.

Erik de Castro Lopo
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