Re: [LAD] About lobal way for application theming, or disvalue of hardcoded theming

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Date: Friday, May 17, 2013 - 2:14 pm

Am 17.05.2013 15:16, schrieb Nikita Zlobin:


As I already pointed out in my response to Ralf, I speak for the
guitarix project. :-)
Nearly any UI adjustment in guitarix relay on gtk-rc files, those just
need to be written. We provide a couple of them, which we found useful,
some of them a provided by users. So, there is less hard-coded in source
then you may have the impression.
Guitarix check it's rc-path for gtk-rc files at any start up, new rc
files will be used without any source change, if they get found in the
path. A menu entry will provided for them as well.

I'm for myself, found as well the "normal desktop settings" not
sufficient for my needs with audio apps.

You may understand that we cant wrote rc-files for anyone around, but,
guitarix is a open project, were the style of project leading is focused
on "be anarchistic". That means in turn, if you want a thing to be done,
join us, be a part of the project (even for the time you need to do what
you want to be done) or try to find someone how do it for you.

Even patches are welcome, or new rc-style-files. Or presets, or, . . . .
. what ever.

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