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Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2013 - 9:32 am

I'm proud to announce the release of guitarix2-0.26.0

Guitarix is a mono tube amplifier simulation for jack, with additional
mono/stereo effect racks which can be filled with some in-build effects
as well as with external LADSPA plugins.
Download from http://sourceforge.net/projects/guitarix/

This release is mostly related to the LV2 port of guitarix modules.

With this release we remove the previous released GxAmplifier LV2
versions and replace them with the new GxAmplifier-X module, which
include the complete guitarix amp head with all tube, tonestack and
cabinet selectors. It comes as Mono and as well as Stereo version.
Additional some completely new Amp models by our new Team member Steve
Poskitt been included.
A couple of additional effect modules been ported to LV2.
See the list below.

For guitarix main we have included some new (and fix some old) configure
options required by Gentoo proaudio overlay and Fedora maintainers.
Additional there are some new configure options mostly related to the
new LV2 port which may interest the one or the other of you. Check them
out with ./waf –help
As usual, all used faust dsp files been included within the source, as
well all our tools we us to create and port them to LV2. All LV2 plugs
comes with GUI's based on our included libgxwmm, a additional Gtkmm
toolkit library.

Special thanks to David Robillard and Harry van Haaren for there open
ears on the LV2 mailing list.

Included LV2 modules:
* GxAmplifier-X
* GxAmplifier-Stereo-X
* GxAutoWah
* GxWah
* GxBooster
* GxChorus-Stereo
* GxCompressor
* GxDelay-Stereo
* GxEcho-Stereo
* GxEchoCat
* GxExpander
* GxFlanger
* GxPhaser
* GxRedeye Chump
* GxRedeye Big Chump
* GxRedeye Vibro Chump
* GxReverb-Stereo
* Gx Alembic Mono
* Gx Studio Preamp Stereo
* GxTiltTone
* GxTremolo
* GxTubeScreamer
* GxTubeDelay
* GxTubeTremelo
* GxTubeVibrato
* GxZita_rev1-Stereo

Please refer to our project page for more information:


download site:

have fun

guitarix development team

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