[LAD] Laborejo 0.7: Non-Session-Manager support, Playback Cursor, Numpad Palette

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Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013 - 8:22 pm

Laborejo 0.7 is released.

Together with a new website design http://www.laborejo.org comes a new release of the Music Notation Workshop.
Besides the usual fixes and small enhancements please focus your attention on the following new features:
-Non Session Manager support. Start Laborejo through the NSM Gui and it will be under session management

-Numpad Palette and corresponding shortcuts. A gui widget shows you what musical objects your numpad will insert.
You can change the palette through the menu or by switching through with numpad-plus and numpad-minus.

-A moving playback cursor, showing you which part of Bachs "Kunst der Fuge" you currently don't understand

Laborejo -Music Notation Workshop- is a graphical user interface for Lilypond, a MIDI creator and finally a tool collection to inspire and help you compose. You get beautifully engraved notation through Lilypond and nice ways to control the playback without ever leaving a notation-based environment.

Latest Screenshot:

Instructions and Download Page:


Nils Gey
#laborejo on irc.freenode.org
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