[LAD] NASPRO 0.5.0 released

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Date: Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 2:31 pm

Hi all,

Here comes a new release of NASPRO, 0.5.0 this time. No new features,
just bugfixes and "regular" updates.

The components being updated are:

* NASPRO core: untested fix for semaphores on Mac OS X, build system fixes;
* NASPRO bridge it: build system fixes;
* NASPRO bridges: dynamic manifest URIs changed, updated
LRDF-equivalent data matching newest CAPS releases, build system
* LV2proc: fixed bogus warning w.r.t. lv2:sampleRate ports, updated
manpage, build system fixes.

ino, gino and FreeADSP have been undergoing experimentation in the
last months and their future is uncertain at this point.


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