[LAD] (libsndfile) FLAC format question

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To: Linux Audio Developers <linux-audio-dev@...>
Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 7:04 pm


I would save a internal audio buffer to file on exit, to reuse it after
e new start.
Currently I use stdio fopen/fwrite/fread and save the binary data from
the array.
That works well.

Now I've started to play with libsndfile, first I use SF_FORMAT_WAV |
SF_FORMAT_FLOAT which work as nice as stdio. The file size is the same
then with plain binary data.

To save some bytes on the disk I tried SF_FORMAT_FLAC | SF_FORMAT_PCM_24
which reduce the size nearly to the half. The drawback is that the
floats in the internal buffer could go out of the range from -1.0 <->
1.0 which leads to crackles when the buffer get refiled. As long the
values are in range, flac works very well.

I tried it with the sf_command (sndfile, SFC_SET_NORM_FLOAT, NULL, SF_TRUE)
for write and read, but that didn't help.
Yes, I use sf_write_float to write/read the flac file, even if flac
didn't support floats. When I understand the libsndfile api right,
libsndfile will handle that.

So my quetion will be, which is the common format to write flac file
with libsndfile, and is there a way to write values out of range into a
flac file?

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