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To: Tim Goetze <tim@...>
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Date: Saturday, January 5, 2013 - 11:35 pm

Hello Tim!
I've tried the new CAPS plugins. Well at the moment just one, the click
track (1769) and I'm not really happy with it. The woodblock sounds nicer in
doodle mode, that's where I'm experimenting, sometimes over a quarter of an
hour or so. But I can't hear it that well. I raised the standard volume and
lowered the damping and still, it won't really bite through a lot of sound.
could you perhaps include a choice in this plugin or two clicktracks. I can
really see, where this block makes it much more barable for the ears, when
working a long time with it, just to fit bits of your head to a metrum.
I've also had a full skim through the whole list of plugins and I am just
dying to try the new tonestack, the new CabinetIV and the chorus adjustments,
as described by you, also sound like something to bargain with.
Oh, and I had the same installation problem with the obsolete package and
when I do:
analyseplugin ./ I get no output. Is that supposed to happen?
Warmly yours

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