[LAD] ANN: Audiality 2 1.9.0 - Refactored, renamed, rearmed!

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Date: Friday, January 4, 2013 - 12:39 am

Audiality 2 1.9.0 - Refactored, renamed, rearmed!
"Audiality 2 is a realtime audio and music engine,
primarily intended for video games. While it supports
traditional sample playback as well as additive,
subtractive and granular synthesis, the distinctive
feature is subsample accurate realtime scripting."

Audiality 2 (previously released as ChipSound) is
used for sound effects and music in the game Kobo II.
The name originates from an old structured audio and
sampleplayer engine, originally developed as part of
the XKobo port Kobo Deluxe. The old engine is no
longer maintained, so the new one, which has similar
goals but much greater potential, is now inheriting
the name.

Key features:
* Microthreaded realtime scripting engine
* Modular voice structures
* Subsample accurate timing
* Designed for hard realtime applications
* No hardwired voice/channel/bus structures
* No hardwired "MIDI-isms" or similar
* No hardwired instruments or songs - only programs
* Lock-free timestamping C API
* Audio I/O drivers:
* SDL audio
* Application provided drivers
* System drivers:
* libc malloc (soft RT)
* Application provided drivers
* Implemented in portable C
* zlib license

Official site:

Direct download:

Related; Kobo II site:

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