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Date: Monday, May 14, 2012 - 6:17 pm

In behave of the guitarix development team I'm happy to announce a new
bugfix release: guitarix 0.22.3.
This is the 3. bugfix release after we reach version 0.22.0 as you can
properly see on the version number.
Below is a list of the squashed bugs, thanks goes to all users witch
report them to us.

version 0.22.3
fix: denormals generated under special circumstances
fix: switch off auto_startup_notification for splash window (unity)
convolver bugfix: use correct channel count
Convolver bugfix: delay and maxsize must be based on system samplerate
fix: preset_button in config mode
version 0.22.2
fix: save scratch preset before switching to a newly created one
version 0.22.1
fix: changed "requires" tag for gtk+ to 2.20 in gx_distortion_ui.glade
ladspa_guitarix: fix preset loading
ladspa_guitarix: fix module loading
ladspa_guitarix: fix loading (undefined symbols)
bugfix: wrong variable in crybaby UI

get it here:



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