[LAD] 3.4-rc2-rt2, -EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL

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Date: Sunday, April 15, 2012 - 4:34 am

Looks like the Nvidia driver just got happily married to realtime, low
latency Linux - again, no? .. From tglx:


Changes since 3.4-rc2-rt2: ...

* Remove the _GPL restriction from a few exports

This restores the status quo of pre 3.0 RT versions.

I fundamentally hate this change, but the point is, that RT
replaces non GPL exports with GPL ones and therefor breaks
"legitimate" abuses of the kernel.

OTOH I've been exposed to source code of some secret sauce
drivers. That makes me believe that in a lot of cases the reason
for not disclosing the driver code is that publishing might put
the innocent and unprepared reader in danger of gastric ulcer and

So I commit this change for health protection reasons.

JMA - Harlequin

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