[LAD] AMS LV2 plugins: Version 0.0.7 - Include a Beat Repeater

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Date: Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 7:13 pm

Hello everyone,

Today I released the version 0.0.7 of the ams.lv2 plugins.

What was done in this version:
* The License file is updated
* Ported from AMS:
- Absolute
- Inv
* A new LFO based on the AMS one, but can be synced with Jack
* A beat repeater:
~ ported from Tranches (http://hitmuri.net/tardigrade/index.php/En/News)
~ Synced with Jack
* URI modified to http://avwlv2.sourceforge.net

The beat repeater code is a bit raw, it works but it uses a lot of CPU
cycles - more than I would like!

As usual, comments, feedback and testing are more than welcome!

My next step is to use the CV ports from LV2.


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