[LAD] Music made with Linux: Airship - A 16bit Soundtrack Theme

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From: Nils <list@...>
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Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 5:30 pm

Hello list,

I would like to share a piece I've just finished.
The original blog entry is here, but for your convenience I'll include a copy into this mail.
Feel free to use any channel you want if you would like to comment on it.

Airship - A 16bit Soundtrack Theme
direct download: http://www.nilsgey.de/uploads/NilsGey-AirshipTheme.mp3

I have finished my first just-for-fun composition since a very long time ago. It is a game-soundtrack like piece I named “Airship”. I can imagine this in a Japanese 90’s RPG from the SNES or Sega Genesis/MegaDrive era.

Software used: Laborejo composition and midi generation, Fluidsynth for midi to wave rendering and Ardour for the fadeout :) .

I used an .sf2 called Setzers SPC which I have downloaded here. I am not sure about the soundfonts legal status so I am careful and release the Airship Theme not as a free piece but just as: Listen to it freely, share and redistribute it but don’t use it in any work, derived or original, or as part of a game or video etc. Don’t do anything commercial with it and don’t change the mp3 tags. If you find a named, matching License to this description feel free to use that instead.

I would be very happy if you leave a comment or click this blogs “Like” button.


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