[LAD] [ot] rme fireface: weird balanced output measurements

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Date: Friday, February 17, 2012 - 12:32 pm

hi everyone!

yesterday, i visited my friends' new studio, to help them shake out some
bugs in the patch and fix a monitor problem. there i came across a
really weird issue with the line outputs on two rme fireface 800s:

we put a test tone out in logic (yeah, they run a mac shop), and i went
to measure the outputs. in addition to really high fluctuations from one
output to the next (with identical digital input signals), i measured
huge differences in voltage on the hot and cold side, such as

hot to ground: 2.00 V
cold to ground: 1.82 V

despite the fluctuations across several channels, this trend was pretty
constant. so i figured, maybe this box has a problem with its negative
voltage rail. they had another ff 800 in there, which we measured for
comparison. same issue.

i figured, maybe apple wrote an oscillator with a dc offset, so we
applied a known-good test tone .wav file. same result.

is my thinking flawed, or are rme really delivering such crappy output
stages on such a pricey box?

my multimeter is not a calibrated one, but it's in the 100+€ range, and
i used AC true rms measurement mode.

i understand my meter has a very high input impedance, and that's what
line level connections should have, right? operating more or less
open-loop, without significant currents flowing. or should i use a shunt
resistor and measure across that? if so, what value is recommended?

thanks for any insights, best,


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