Re: [LAD] phasex 0.14.96 git: compilation problem on linux mint 13 / ubuntu 12.04: CONFIRM

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Date: Sunday, December 30, 2012 - 9:38 pm

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Thanks!  Applied to 0.14.97-dev.

> I see the oscillator rate controls disabled atm, but phasex sounds OK, reacting fine via jack_keyboard MIDI input.

Osc Rate is only used for Tempo and Tempo+Trig osc sources.
For normal MidiKey oscs, the rate is set by the note in play.
Parameters are only disabled when their values will be ignored
due to other parameter settings.

> Please contact falktx for more developer information exchange (he is quite busy with his new kxstudio release atm).

I will contact falktx before the next release.

The few build fixes that have trickled in, along with inclusion
of MIDI channel in saved midimaps, are in v0.14.97-dev, which has
been started in git.  This hasn't been tested with jack1, but it
looks like it should work.  Anyone still having build issues should
grab the dev branch:

git clone -b v0.14.97-dev

I'm give it a few days before finalizing v0.14.97 in case any more
changes are needed to build on other distros.

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