Re: [LAD] Writing a music notation editor and need some help with MIDI, Jack, and FluidSynth

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Date: Friday, December 28, 2012 - 2:39 pm

On Monday 24 December 2012 05:52:41 Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas wrote:

Well, that explains why there's a separate ALSA tab in QJackCtl. And, yes, I'm
using the ALSA tab to make my connections. So, at this point, it seems I don't
really need jack.

Just a side question: if I had an application that uses audio and midi (like
Sonar), who keeps them in sync? Is this ALSA or Jack?

> > The first thing I don't understand is in scheduleEvents() why passing

So the queue has its own clock? Can I create the queue, push events to it,
then start it? And if I then stop the queue and later continue, will it
process the rest of the events from where it left off when it was stopped?

> Assuming that you want to use the ALSA Sequencer, and not jack midi, I can

Perfect. And you pre-answered my next question. Is there a C++ wrapper for
ALSA? And uses Qt too! Nice. Thanks.

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