[LAD] [ANN] Qtractor 0.5.7 - The Hotel Sierra is open, come on in!

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To: LAD <linux-audio-dev@...>
Date: Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 4:21 pm


Yeah. Not much to tell about the times I'm afraid. But let me wish you
all a merry and great new year, following the one which end is nigh.
Just in case you wanna party, feel welcome, by all means:

Qtractor 0.5.7 (hotel sierra) is open, come on in!

Release highlights:

* LV2 Options and Buf-size support (NEW)
* Location markers/bar (NEW)
* MIDI editor line-drawing (NEW)
* Punch & loop recording compatibility (FIX)
* Untangled LV2 UI parameter communication (FIX)
* Dropped libSLV2 support, honoring libLILV for good (FIX)



Project page:



- source tarball:

- source package (openSUSE 12.2):


- binary packages (openSUSE 12.2):



- quick start guide & user manual:

Weblog (upstream support):



Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms
of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


- Loop and punch in/out ranges may now get set simultaneously, may even
overlap each other. However, punch in/out range recording will always
prevail over any loop recording takes.
- LV2 Worker/Schedule now supporting multi-instance vs. single-UI scenarios.
- LV2 Options and Buf-size extension support added.
- Fixed an off-by-one-tick bug on MIDI file input which was leaving
spurious zero-length runt notes at the end of a MIDI clip, if a note-on
coincides with the ending/split point (on ticket issued by Jonathan H.
Pickard, thanks).
- Good old SLV2 library support for LV2 plug-ins (libslv2) is now
irrevocably deprecated, or better said, completely wiped-out from the
LV2 host code, now considered extinct.
- LV2 UI parameter updates are now asynchronously detached from the
source GUI widget thread, in attempt to improve cross-GUI-toolkit
responsiveness, specially focused on LV2 plugins with a GTK based UI
(eg. amsynth, triceratops, etc.).
- Make sure LV2 UI parameters (input control ports) get updated when
loading a genuine LV2 state preset.
- Improved the (custom) tempo spin-box widget signal(ing) processing and
- Show proper pointing cursor and location tool-tip while dragging any
of the time ruler markers (including latest location markers/bar).
- On saving as an archive/zip session file (suffix .qtz) include only
those files that are actually referenced by live clips arrangement.
- Ongoing integration of location markers infrastructure (time-scale and
MIDI-file support).
- Free-hand/linear retouching of event values, while on the MIDI clip
editor's view pane below the main piano-roll (eg. note velocities), is
now possible provided the target events are selected, otherwise the
usual painting edit sub-mode applies (cf. menu Edit/Select Mode/Edit Draw).
- The MIDI clip editor now senses which target view pane has focus for
general selection commands (cf. Edit/Select/None, All, Invert, Range)
whether the main piano-roll or the event value (velocities) view.
- Mouse middle-button clicking is back in business on main track-view
and on MIDI clip editor views (piano-roll) as an immediate play-head
(re)positioning command or merge/reset the edit-head/tail cursors if
Shift/Ctrl keyboard modifiers are pressed.
- Formerly protected, class qtractorClip::FadeFunctor is now public in
an shot-in-the-dark attempt to fix clang builds (as reported by Jekyll
Wu, thanks).
- Override all sub-classed widgets mouse-pointer event handlers to be
isolated from base widget style and/or window management.

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
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