Re: [LAD] Writing a music notation editor and need some help with MIDI, Jack, and FluidSynth

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Date: Friday, December 21, 2012 - 6:43 pm

[M Donalies]

Even if you have a synth with a polyphonic legato implementation, you
will often find it making the wrong decisions connecting voices
because it's virtually impossible to tell voices apart when they're
lumped into one MIDI channel, especially when a voice can rest
occasionally. To make it work and sound halfway decent, I've found no
better way than to isolate and map each voice to its own channel and
make sure the synth patch on that channel interprets legato the way
you want it, if necessary with the help of additional CC messages.

Palm muting can be somewhat credibly emulated by lowering the voice
filter frequency (pretty sure fluidsynth has a CC that does that) and
quickening decay/release.
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