Re: [LAD] C - Change in memory causing seg.fault (but why?)

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To: Jacob <jacob01@...>
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Date: Friday, November 9, 2012 - 2:25 pm

On 09-11-12 01:58, Jacob wrote:

> And, BTW, pay attention to the "format ‘%i’ expects type ‘int’" type of

Yeah, that explains why I didn't get any compiling error on a 32bit
computer and did get on a 64bit one (where I did correct the error).
However, the latter was satisfied with %li. Apparently in c++ there is
no difference between long and long int (as far as I can find through
Google) but for c I could not find much info on a potential difference.

Perhaps the resource provided by Tristan can help with that (@Tristan:
btw, thanks for that). I will go through that in the coming week.

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