[LAD] VSTGUI porting in Linux

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Date: Friday, November 16, 2012 - 3:57 pm

I'm the author of a free VST called Digits that has a Linux port.
Recently, I put out a new version that has a full editor GUI, but was
unable to get the GUI to work on Linux because VSTGUI 4 doesn't appear
to have a Linux port.

What do you think the best strategy (fastest, least code changes)
would be to deliver a GUI for Linux users? I see on the JUCETICE site
that there's a VSTGUI 3.0 port, and the old 2.2 VSTGUI that comes with
the VST SDK has at least some Linux support (IIRC). I don't use any
advanced features (just dials, labels, and sliders). Are either of
these good options, and which would be best?

Input from somebody experienced with this would be great.

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