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Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 12:21 pm

Dominique Michel:

I don't quite understand what you do... Is Ctl-Alt-- and Ctrl-Alt-+ a
to access Keypad+ and Keypad-? (To change editor font size)
(You can also use F5/F6 to change font size)

Also, when you talk about the window going over the screen boundaries
changing font size, is it the system font size you are changing then?
can set the system font size in ~/.radium/config). Because the window
should not increase if you change the editor font size.

You can also press Left Ctrl + m to automatically fit all tracks in the
visible area. Left Ctrl + m makes radium use two characters for
note names instead of three. Left Ctrl + t changes the note names into
visual representation instead of text.

> If I compare radium with another music editor I liked very much (back

I agree about that. I think the main problem is horizontal space, so
possible having one key that changes between only showing the editor
or only showing the mixer would work. Turning on/off the instrument
isn't that important.
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