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To: Tim E. Real <termtech@...>
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Date: Sunday, September 25, 2011 - 9:00 am

On 25 September 2011 01:54, Tim E. Real wrote:


>  snapshot? Observed here with only with Aurora, the other ten installed

I'm using XFCE so didn't see a preview.

> Aha.. That means it's because of our Tabbed Notebook. Yes, I can see

So something wrong with how you're doing the tabs?

> Industrial looked pretty ghastly with it's slider troughs filled with blue.

Ok. I did begin looking at how they're drawn but then I got side tracked...

>> ...and being curious I tried compiling with -DGTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED,

No, not themes this time. Deprecated GTK/GDK API. If you look in GTK
docs, gtk_pixmap_*() functions are "deprecated and should not be used
in newly written code". But if you want to support GTK 2.4 still then
this might not be a good idea.

-DGSEAL_ENABLE prevents access to gtk structure members, the reason in
the patch you'll see stuff like:

- gdouble min = adj->lower;
+ gdouble min = gtk_adjustment_get_lower(adj);

with gtk_adjustment_get_lower() being available since 2.14. DevHelp is
pretty useful for this kind of stuff, but not all replacements for
deprecated calls mention since which gtk version they've existed.

gtk_widget_get_allocation() since 2.18 (this again due to -DGSEAL_ENABLE).

The deprecated gdk_draw_rectangle are actually the most trouble as the
GTK gurus want you to replace all that code with code that uses Cairo
which does things quite differently == a PITA.

When I say "...I've been brainwashed into removing deprecated code..."
I mean that I'm doing it faithfully without really knowing the
consequences. Faithfully believing I'm preparing for the future but
really it's only forcing people to upgrade.

-DGSEAL_ENABLE is used if you want to prepare your code for when GTK3
is the standard version and GTK2 is removed from distros. I think GTK1
has really only very recently been removed from standard distros

I guess you have to weigh all this stuff up. Preparing for when only
GTK3 exists isn't an urgent scenario for example.

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