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Date: Sunday, September 11, 2011 - 11:08 am

Hello all,

A long due update of ambdec is available at the usual place:

>From the README:

* This release supports any format up to full 3rd order,
including mixed order schemes such as e.g. 3h1v (W, X,
Y, Z, S, T, U, V, N, O, P, Q) and not just 3h1p (W, X,
Y, Z, U, V, P, Q). The 'hv' forms are really superior
as they preserve azimuth resolution at any elevation,
while the 'hp' form is just the sum of a higher order
horizontal decoder and a lower order periphonic one.

* The matrix and speaker views in the config window have
gone. There is really no point in editing high order
matrices manually. You can still edit the preset file
which uses a textual form of OSC.

* The config window shows a graphical representation of
the input signals expected by a preset. At least these
signal must be provided for correct results.

* Spaces in jack port names are accepted. Use either single
or double quotes, or escape the spaces as '\ '.

* Some new presets, e.g. for a 'cube+faces' (14 speakers)
which works great for full 2nd order. Some others have
gone. If you need anything specific just ask.

* The manual has not yet been updated, but if you used
ambdec before you won't need it.

Make sure to read the complete README which contains some
info on using existing preset files with this release.

Enjoy !


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