[LAD] petri-foo/specimen license formalizations/clarifications

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Date: Thursday, June 30, 2011 - 10:09 pm


sorry for cross posting (again), but i want to try and get this out to
all people who've been involved in specimen development over the

i've add a gpl header to all source files with (where appropriate)
copyright attributed to Pete Bessman as original specimen author and
myself as current developer of petri-foo.

there are some files i claim to be my own work, these are listed in
PETRI-FOO_ORIGINAL_FILES along with short explanations.

the changes can be found in the latest git commit.


if anyone has issues, or finds a lack of attribution to their work, or
thinks how it's done is unfair, speak up.... but please don't get all
esoteric about it ;-)

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