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Date: Monday, February 21, 2011 - 6:51 pm

Hi all,

This meditation isn't about gray hair, sagging flesh
or receding libido. :-)

In debugging Nama's new audio editing functions,
I'm noticing that I have more and more code dealing
with time. I am concerned seeing a multiplicity of
method names like adjusted_region_start_time
or unadjusted_mark_time.

I'm wondering if perhaps I can centralize
or at least systematize this functionality.

Nama deals with several kinds of time:

Ecasound time. Positions in seconds or samples from
the perspective of the Ecasound audio engine

WAV time. Displacements in audio files.

Track / Region time. Positions in a track or region

Mark time. Nama currently has only one type of mark:
marks anchored to an absolute project timeline.
I think it also needs marks for positions in a tracks WAV files,
which the user may trim or offset.

Edit / offset-run time. This is what started the entire
issue. To record a fix for a note at time T in a WAV file W,
I use Ecasound's select object to offset all the WAV files
in a project to start at time T. The fix, W', then gets
placed at T using playat.

MIDI time. There are plenty of references on this,
and it's a subject of its own. Nama needs at least to
know enough to work across the various systems for bridging
between ALSA, JACK and MIDI.

So do I need some Big Abstraction(tm), or shall I just
continue to work incrementally?
How do you think about time?

I don't expect a simple answer or an answer at all,
but it can help to formulate the question.



Joel Roth
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