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Date: Friday, December 9, 2011 - 8:28 pm

Hi Hermann

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On Friday 09 December 2011 16.30.24 hermann wrote:


On a guitar with an ordinary nut, the distance between the nut and the
first fret is in general to big, this situation is better with guitars
with a zero fret. So if you tune every string (open in EADGBE) with a
tuner on a guitar without a zero fret, then it will be wrong already on
the first fret, all the notes on that fret will be slightly to sharp if
the guitar is intonated correctly on the 12th fret. And most of the other
notes will be out of tune, som to sharp and other to flat. I'm not aware
of a tuner that takes this under consideration.

On a guitar with an ordinary nut, the tuning can never be anything else
than compromises, and to tune open strings with a tuner or using
harmonics is really terrible because not many chords will sound clean.

I really recommend the links I showed in the previous post, they explains
it all much better than I do:

So this is not about good or bad tuners, it's about physical laws.
Strange enough, only some very expensive guitars are shipped with for
example Earvana nuts (some ESPs and some PRS's as far as I know) -
strange, because Earvana's and SOS' are cheap and makes a big difference.

The best compromised tuning that I know about is the method Paul Guy
describes here (warning: long link with spaces):

" favourite

This method will make the guitar with an ordinary nut sound quite good
anywhere, but the open strings will never be clean EADGBE, except for the
high E which is the reference tone when using that method.

Does really gxtuner (or nearly any other tuner) have functions that solve
this problem on guitars with only the bridge corrected?

I hope I have explained this thing better now, thanks for watching.


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