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Date: Friday, December 9, 2011 - 2:43 pm


Nice work, thanks!

But I have a comment and possibly a request on tuners in general below:

fredagen den 9 december 2011 12.17.22 skrev hermann:

Using a tuner (or harmonics) do not work very well on most guitars, especially
if one play toghether with piano or synths.

Why? Because intonation of the bridge is not enought, the nut should also be
adjusted - or allmost every single fret. You really have to intonate even the
nut or use a TrueTemprament neck if you want the guitar to have a real equal
temperature. Several of the tones on a guitar will be off tune as much as a
1/8 semitone on a conventional guitar. You don't believe me? You just can't
play clean D or A chord with open A or D strings if one of the chords are in

So what I wish is really a tuner can come up with an tunable test tone and
memory so one can calibrate each guitar - at least for my non compansated one.

More information of this can be found here:

I'm going to deliver my stuff to Sterner, wich I believe is the best solution,
and in the mean time, I use this on some of my guitars (not perfect, but a
revulotion compared to guitars with ordinary nuts:

..and will check this out:

..and the TT necks shows visually clearly how out of tune ordinary necks and
nuts are,


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