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Date: Sunday, December 4, 2011 - 4:58 pm

Hello everyone,

I just posted a new version of the AMS LV2 plugins:

The main change from the version 0.0.3 is a embeded GUI for the VCO.

As a reminder, these LV2 plugins are a porting of the AMS internal
modules designed to be used in a modular synths (especially Ingen).
At the moment, the Analog Driver, normal and Advanced Envelop, Amp,
LFO, Mixer, Noise2, Slew Limiter, VCA (Exponential and Linear), VCF
and VCO2 have been ported.

This should be enough to be able to create basic patches, and two
presets for Ingen are available in the package.

Testers, comments, feedback....everything is more than welcome!

For the ones who wants to create LV2 plugins, the code is written in
C++, using Lv2-C++-Tools and GTKMM (the GUI designed with Glade).
The code is quite simple, making them examples on how to mix all these
things together and be able to design LV2 plugins quickly...

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