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Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 8:31 am

On Tuesday, December 13, 2011 03:10:42 AM Ralf Madorf did opine:

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Aaron already has a CT-460 translation table, but I've CC'd him on this in
case its different. Thank you Ralf.

Not quite that simple, the Audigy 2 Value I have has an excellent GM synth
in it, but no game port unless that is whats available on a 50 mill spacing
inline connector on the top edge of the card. But I have never found a
mail order or net peddler that lists the breakout bracket that gives me the
actual midi ports discussed in the cards docs.

I'm out of slots on this mobo, so any midi stuff I add is likely going to
be translated usb and there goes the latency in a little red wagon. Not to
mention $10/port, 4 port min.

I probably could convince the java coder I have CC'd this to, (Aaron Wolfe)
that is doing drivewire to add a file dump to disk of what comes up the
/Midi channel that could then be inspected with hexdump or similar, if I
asked real sweet. ;-)

I also suspect that part of my problem is a drivewire.jar that is newer
than its gui.jar, and there could be some miss-matches there as I cannot
hear any diffs when I change the table on the fly.

> Hth,

I hope so too, thanks Ralf.

> Ralf

Cheers, Gene
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