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Date: Monday, November 28, 2011 - 6:45 pm

Le Mon, 28 Nov 2011 00:31:50 +0000,
Harry van Haaren a écrit :

> I think some "beginner" coding documentation on Linux Audio would be a

It is a very good idea.


I will be very interested because I have some basic skills (basic,
assembler, bash) but never get enough time to learn the C/C++ and the
other needed skills in order to become an audio programmer on a modern
system. I have a working note recognition software (monophonic
realtime Audio to MIDI conversion) on a dsp56k, and would like to port
it to C/C++ on linux. It will need a GUI in order to be easily usable
with so many sound sources (musical instruments) than possible.

It is so many things to learn for me (C/C++, JACK, some toolkit,
threading, ...) than I never was able to see how to process to learn
all that in the little amount of free time I have. A good audio
tutorial will be definitely a great asset, not only for me, but
also for the whole community.


A toolkit is about visual presentation and interaction with the core
of the software. Whichever toolkit you choose, you will have to learn
the same things, but in a different manner. So, I think that you need
first to focus on the core and only after look on its interactions with
the toolkit. Also, depending to the goal of a given program, the
interactions between the core and the toolkit will be more or less
deep, and they will interfere on the core more or less deeply. I think
that deeper those interactions are, more it will be important to have
good coding skills. But the problem to solve will always be the same:
a goal to reach, a core and its interactions with a toolkit.



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