Re: [LAD] Another call for brave testers: new Guitarix LADSPA plugins

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Date: Saturday, November 26, 2011 - 7:55 pm

On November 26, 2011 12:40:01 AM Andreas Degert wrote:

Thanks. This is awesome news! Will test.

I was actually trying to do the very same thing here!

Creating individual GX Head Amp LADSPA plugins is super easy,
like '12AX7' for example. Faust makes it easy.

But combining them all in one plugin, or even just combining
them all in one .so file was very difficult.
I had some success, but some serious drawbacks.

And then there's the GX cabinets, which I would have needed
to extract from GX and make plugins from.

Faust is nice, very powerful, makes it easy, but does make some 'automated'
aspects hard.

This is great news because having the GX Head sound in LADSPA form
means having no round-trip latency from using GX externally.

PS. I actually fixed the existing Guitarix Distortion plugin by
composing my own .dsp file (the original has long since been missing)
and compiling.
It proved that the 'Drive Level' control was indeed broken in the existing
.cc file. Yet, it was still disappointing after all that work, it doesn't
really help the sound much.

Cheers. Tim.

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