Re: [LAD] RME Multiface/Digiface/RPM testers needed

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Date: Monday, October 31, 2011 - 11:34 am

On 10/31/11 01:49, Allehoop wrote:

> Hi all,


> I'm looking for that driver for my RPM, so i want to be a betatester :)

Ok, here we go:

This archive contains two versions of the driver, the one (default) that
probably works for Fons and the other one that works for another user in

So please download the file, make sure you have your kernel-headers
installed (maybe kernel-source, no idea what's needed on Ubuntu) and run
sudo make install in the extracted directory.

Also make sure you have the firmware, maybe there's an alsa-firmware
package containing rpm_firmware.bin, if not download it here:;a=tree;f=hdsploader

and copy it to /lib/firmware/

If this works for you, also blacklist the old snd_hdsp module. To do
that, create a file /etc/modprobe.d/hdsp.conf with the following single

blacklist snd-hdsp

This is to make sure your distribution's module will not be loaded next
time you boot your machine. In a couple of months, you can remove this
file again as soon as Ubuntu ships the new module. ;)

And now for the testing part: maybe the default driver doesn't work for
you, maybe it does. For Fons, it worked, for the French guy, it didn't.

So then go back to my archive and move hdsp-test.c to hdsp.c:

mv hdsp-test.c hdsp.c

Then, rerun sudo make install and see what happens. Maybe reboot if
nothing happens.

Thing is: the hdsp-test.c is what worked for the French guy and what the
OSX driver does, however, Fons says it doesn't work for him.

As I don't own an RPM, it's a bit hard to work on the driver for it, so
I really appreciate your input.

Fons: the hdsp.c version still works for you while hdsp-test.c doesn't?
I've pushed hdsp.c upstream, so maybe it'll be included in Linux-3.2 or

Final note to the firmware file: I've noticed that everything worked
fine if the firmware was called "/lib/firmware/rpm_firmware.bin",
however, if you have it in /lib/firwmare/hdsploader/, it didn't.

I'm not an expert here, but I guess it's due to the 30 chars filename
limitation for firmwares, and apparently , those 30 chars include the

At least on my multiface, auto-loading the firmware via kernel (without
hdsploader) works when I move the files from /lib/firmware/hdsploader/
to /lib/firmware.

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