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Date: Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 12:55 pm

On 06/01/11 12:14, Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:

> yummy! i've been using calf git for a while, but it feels kind of icky

The modular-synth ones? You shouldn't have been using those in first
place, unless it was an Ingen project or some other LV2-based modular,
if such a thing exists.

In that case - it might be worthwhile to find a maintainer for these
plugins as a separate project, as I already have difficulty maintaining
the core set due to lack of time. I'd say that for most people, those
plugins generally weren't very useful and only polluted the plugin list.

> after an inconspicuous "git pull", i had piles and piles of "missing

I thought the fact that these plugins required --enable-experimental to
be compiled in first place, and that they didn't even support stereo
signals, was enough of a warning. In worst case, you can always revert
to an old version, that still had those plugins.

However, in new projects, you should use Calf Filter instead. It is
stable, supports stereo and isn't going to be dropped in the near
future. It also does some things that you'd find desirable in this kind
of a plugin, for example the smoothing of cutoff value, avoiding some of
the "scratchy knob noise".

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