Re: [LAD] Devs needed for opensource virtual analog softsynth idea

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To: Jeremy <jeremybubs@...>
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Date: Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 10:25 am

O.k. in more detail or just different explanation:

I love makin music with linux and I was looking for a dssi/lv2 synth I
could connectable to an external USB contorller to play arround with
sound more or less "live".
Then in the audio4linux irc someone pointed me to the Tyrell, an idea
how a real synth could be, based on Uservotes of that magazine, with
the idea of beeing a real synth on day maybe.
Moogulator has made a detailed descripion of all the knobs, functions
and routings of this synth and set in on the homepage.
Then, befor Xmas Urs Heckmann, a german VST-developer, jumped in and
said he would create this synth as VST, cause no company wanted to
build this synth as hardware for the price estimated, and offer it as
freeware VST.
I asked Urs if he also would consider creating this synth as native
Linux DSSI/LV2 plugin freeware nad he said .... maybe.

I have no problem even with paying for apps if they are really good,
but making a VST closesource, that is based on userinput of a
community ...... hmmmmm not really my idea of how the world should
O.k. I understand Urs, cause his VSTs really sound good (on Win and
Mac) and cause he earns money with it, he doesen't want his algorithms
spread for free into the workd ...

So I searched an alternative to be something like the Tyrell, but
opensource and linux ...
Malte pointed me to his minicomputer, I love the sound ... this
synth-engine is .... I yust love it.

So changing idea ..... make a DSSI or LV2 of Maltes Minicomputer, that
is 4 or 8 voce polyphon and monotimbral, controllable with an external
USB-controller .... automatable with f.e. Qtractor and maybe .....
just maybe .... a bit more of an eyecandy .....

regards, Sascha

2011/1/6 Jeremy :

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