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To: Jostein Chr. Andersen <jostein@...>
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Date: Friday, January 28, 2011 - 2:00 pm

On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 3:50 PM, Jostein Chr. Andersen wrote:

This is the last i'm going to add on this.

Firstly, i personally regret that i didn't include Werner's name
immediately as attribution. He, along with half a dozen other devs in
the community get my continued respect and admiration, not only for
the quality of their work, their immense skills, and just as
importantly, their willingness to interact in a user/dev relationship
and discussion of equals in our own fields, with mutual agreement on
functions and features, or a friendly and respectful challenge
structure where the use case has to been profoundly proven, and if
necessary, discarded without malice, or derisory sarcasm, and

To be absolutely clear.
The current MusE team, for whom i have no hard feellings at all,
decided we were going too fast, with too many changes, and they were
uncomfortable with the the modifications we wanted to add. They told
us to fork the project and leave. We did that. And as is normal
practise, as so many of you have firmly stated, that's opensource in

Had we had a friendly reminder from those in the "community" we'd
missed out the attributions, we would have been fine with that. But
instead, the "team" came out the blocks with their omnipotent
judgement that we'd transgressed, and were evil scum. (paraphrasing)

Contrast that with the raw contempt, derision, and mocking dismissal
of others who are willing to have a good laugh at testers, however
clumsy they may be, and poke fun at the idea that users and devs can
interact in a prosperous partnership for both. I've personally tested
for at least 3 projects, day and night, providing feedback to the
devs, at their request, only to be dismissed out of hand when i've
turned up with reports, observations, etc...
Then there's the swearing and insults when suggestions are made to
improve workflow. Whether they're accepted or not, it seems that for
some devs, making these suggestions is akin to telling them they're
failing in some way, or the idea that improvements could be made to
their app is an insult. I've personally endured hate mail, a raft of
swearing and aggresive suggestion to more or less "go away", mockery,
and outright dismissal out of hand from those devs who assume they
know better than anyone what they think users want, and are
contemptuous in their dismissal of anything else. That's up to them,
but eventually those alienated users go away, with the impression this
is hostile environment. some will just disappear, and others will seek
to find another solution.

That's fine, and those devs who seem to enjoy themselves in the Ivory
tower have the right to treat people as they want.
In the last 3 years, there are a handful of devs for whom I have the
greatest of respect, and will continue to do so, based on a decent and
intelligent user /dev relationship. They've NEVER uttered a harsh
word, or spoken with any form of contempt towards what are sometimes
"dumb user questions".

I'm tired of the one way relationship with those who are enthusiastic
to cling to their programs, dismissing out of hand, in the fear of
some idea of losing something if they change it, or modify it, or, and
this isn't a rare event, dismiss out of hand constructive and well
presented use cases, because they don't see any value in their little
world, or more appropriately, comfort zone.

To be absolutely clear.
I'm an altruist when it comes to OpenSource. I WANT to see devs
getting credit for their work with users, and i will help in that
process if i can. I bring many years of user experience on the shop
floor, so to speak, and i'm more than willing to share that knowledge,
as i have done for 3 years since i arrive in Linux, to see the WHOLE
community go forward, and gain the respect they deserve.

But i will focus my efforts with those devs who are least willing to
listen, and for whom i have a great deal of respect, and if the
answer's no, then it happens out of mutual respect, and not the other
variety of "the answer's no, i'm not listening, chortle,chortle."
I haven't named those devs who i respect and admire, because as this
latest fiasco shows, they may suffer for some sort of perceived
alliance with me or anyone in the OOP team, or those other user and
devs in the community who have already drifted away for the same
reasons i am, and code quietly and efficiently in the shadows.

And just for the record.
I will not take that contempt, derision, and clumsy insinuation from
those who assume an self-exalted self realising omnipotent position of
authority. Nor would any of you in the same position.

I've already had the start of hate mail and judgemental condemnations
from the acolytes, but that's a given in any group or people. Enjoy
yourselves if that's what rocks your boat.

The OpenOctaveProject remains committed to Opensource tools and option
for both users, and devs, alike. We will continue to follow this path,
and do so in the hope that we can build a base from which a stable
workflow pipeline is a wonderful asset for the Linux Audio Community,
as a whole, and the perception of the community, and it's reputation,
is enhanced as a result.

We will do this in co-operation with ANYONE who's interested in
bringing together a great working environment for musicians and
composers of many types, including those of us who write orchestral,
radio, and film music for a living. If an app needs some love to
enhance it's USERS toolset, in conjunction with other apps, as part of
a consistent and reliable base that users can enjoy, and be
comfortable with, then we'll help, and offer design suggestions. We've
ALWAYS done that. Some devs have accepted or rejected those
suggestions with intelligent discussion and some enthusiasm, and
others have done exactly and often belligerently, the opposite.

This is the last i'll post on this particular subject, as it's more or
less wasted on those who won't consider another perspective, and
frankly seem to enjoy the...."scandal" of it all.

My respect for those devs who are willing to interact without
contempt, derision, mockery, dismissal, swearing, paranoia, etc,
remains undimmed. They know who i'm referring to, and my door is
always open for another perspective, and possibly more clumsy testing,
on User workflow and design, whether it's added or not. I have enjoyed
many decent discussions with those skilled, intelligent, and decent
people, and learned much along the way as they generously share their
own opinion, and ideas. I sincerely hope that continues.

Once again, i regret not adding Werner's attribution, and i offer my
unreserved apologies to you, Werner, if you feel offended by this, or
slighted in any way. It wasn't deliberate, or in any way an attempt to
commandeer your excellent work without recognition. If OOP continues
to grow at the same rate, and experienced users keep jumping on board,
the recognition of your work will reach an ever widening audience, as
it will for all those devs with whom we have a decent partnership,
want to see succeed in a wider user base, and be recognised for their
outstanding work going into the future.

To the rest, who gleefully jumped in with both feet with their
condemnations, judgements, and sometimes sly, sometimes deceitful, but
always relentless character assassination, I don't care. I'm not
interested. If that's the sum total of your existence, i feel pity for

Enjoy yourselves, i'm back to work, and the next step forward.

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