Re: [LAD] Devs needed for opensource virtual analog softsynth idea

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To: Sascha Schneider <ungleichklang@...>
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Date: Sunday, January 2, 2011 - 1:47 pm

Hello Sascha!
I'm not good at coding at all, but I think a more useable framework for a
softsynth, if you like to build it with an existing one, might be bristol.
Bristol is a synth emulator. It has a couple of synths already. But it might
not suffer, having a new filter or different oscillator in it, if Nick is OK
with that. The synths it emulates, are basically built from the components
(filters, oscs, etc.), that are in the engine. Then they are connected in a
particular way and get a GUI/CLI put on top of them. Bristol has, what I would
call MIDI learning. You can easily assing MIDI controls to controls of the
currently loaded synth and I think you can save them as well. Have a look at
his site:
The sweet thing about using this would be, that you have to implement the
new components and then there is an API - so I believe - for relatively easily
constructing the connections and the
the Linux TextBased Studio guide
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